Yogi Strength Program – Arm Balances & Inversions

Mar - Apr 2019

“I’m not strong enough for that arm balance. I’ve tried over and over, and I just can’t do an inversion.” Is this what goes through your mind every time your yoga teacher provides an option for flight in class?


Join international flight school coach Eric for a results based course that will have you on your hands in 5 weeks! This program is specifically designed to enhance strength, conditioning and technique – ensuring you see results and are no longer left feeling frustrated in your yoga classes.


You will learn how to activate the right muscles through foundational techniques, build strength to effortlessly take flight and accelerate the progression of your asana practice.


date & time.

  • Every Tuesday 8pm – 930pm (March 12, March 19, March 26, Apr 2, Apr 9)
  • Every Sunday 230pm – 4pm (March 17, March 24, March 31, Apr 7, Apr 14)



The Flow Studio, Bangsar


your investment

RM600 + 6% sst



This is a small group program limited to 15 people so you receive individual attention, covering:


Bent Arm Balances:

Crow, Side Crow, EPK 1/2, Chin Stand and 8 Angle Pose


Forearm Balance & variations

Incuding scorpion & hollowback

Headstand: Forearm and Tripod


How to fall safely with confidence


Eric is a yoga, calisthenics and hand balancing coach based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been successfully coaching yogis to take flight through a results based program with great success achieved over the past several years. Combining his in depth understanding of multiple movement disciplines, he is able to harness his knowledge of strengthening the body and accurate muscle engagement to incorporate arm balances/inversions within the yoga practice. He has an infectious laugh too so be prepared to be pushed to your limits while still having fun!