yin soundbath

26 May 2019

If you’ve tried everything from yoga to meditation, white noise to essential oil diffusers and still find it a struggle to quiet the mind and have a dreamy night’s sleep, join us for an evening of Yin Soundbath.


Immerse yourself in this journey to deep relaxation as we move through a sequence of deliciously calming yin postures targeting deep connective tissues sequenced to prepare your body and mind to relax and surrender. You will then cozy up on your mat and journey into a state of deep relaxation while being bathed in vibrations of a seven crystal bowl soundbath accompanied by the soothing scents of high vibrational therapeutic grade essential oils.


Known to heal the nervous system, sound and scent therapy are especially powerful in reducing sleep issues, stress, anxiety and depression. This healing alchemy will bring back the natural alignment of your body and soul, so you leave feeling calm, balanced and re-energized.


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date & time.

Sunday, May 26 2019 | 1:30 and 4:00pm



The Flow Studio, Bangsar


your investment

RM120 + 6% sst


Elizabeth Huxtable is a certified sound therapist (Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute, USA) also trained in harmonic overtone singing in Australia. With over 30 years experience in powerful sound healing, what differentiates Elizabeth is her unique voice and specially tuned set of Alchemy crystal bowls tuned to musical chords to create powerful blended sounds that induce altered states of consciousness in the listener. She is also qualified in a range of complementary therapies including Reiki, EFT and Emotion Code, which she combines with sound therapy to provide healing based on individual needs.

Asako is an RYT500 yoga instructor, who began her practice 13 years ago. She discovered that yoga is not just about taking care of the body but is useful in taking awareness off the mat in everyday life.


In Yin yoga classes, she works on the energetic body in order for the Chi to flow unobstructed throughout the body..