valentines yin soundbath

Feb 2020

Not just for couples, join us in sharing the love with everyone around us through a very special metta (loving kindness) themed Valentine’s Yin Soundbath edition.


We all have a natural capacity for kindness, but sometimes we don’t take steps to nurture and express this as much as we should, especially to those that mean the most to us.


Practicing metta is one of the most direct routes to increasing overall happiness through cultivating our propensity for kindness. It involves mentally sending goodwill, kindness and warmth towards ourselves, those that we love, those that we are neutral towards and even those we have difficulty with. Research suggests that when we practice metta regularly, we unconsciously react more positively towards others, resulting in our social interactions and close relationships becoming more satisfying, reducing overall levels of stress & anxiety.


date & time.

Saturday, 15 February 2020 | 3:30 to 5:30pm



The Flow Studio – Bangsar


your investment

RM140 + 6% sst



The practice will begin with harmonising breathwork, followed by a heartfelt metta meditation as you surrender deeply into a nourishing yin yoga practice for the first hour. Enjoy the benefits of juicy stretch accompanied by the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls as you relax into an immensely therapeutic soundbath for the second hour. This combination of practices is the ideal recipe to reset your nervous system, reduce sleep issues, release long-held tension, stress and anxiety.


Come as you are – or bring a loved one, friend, parent, maybe even someone you need to mend ties with. Expect to leave feeling calm and rejuvenated with a deeper sense of loving kindness and communicative connection towards yourself, loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers. This will be a special heartwearming session like no other, supported by everyone in the room.

Sheriza began her yoga journey in 2013, having completed her 200 hour yoga & 75 hour yin teacher training. Yoga holds a special place in her heart as it provides steadiness and softness in the way she approaches life. An advocate of being kind and compassionate to those around us, she encourages her students to find balance through mindfulness, on and off the mat.


Sheriza’s yoga journey extends into Sound Healing and Reiki, deepening her sense of connection with herself. She also weaves positive affirmations in each practice to serve as a sweet reminder as we go about our daily lives.


Sari is the founder and owner of Sound Healing Salon Hibiki. Her experience with crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes originate from Jun Makino, the first authorised master alchemist in Japan. Sari conducts sound healing sessions with a rainbow assortment of crystal tone bowls, each with a different tone which creates sounds and vibrations that flow through you, making you feel calm and right at home.