soundbath journey.

Apr 2022

If you’ve tried everything from yoga to essential oil diffusers and still struggle to quiet your mind for a dreamy night’s sleep, join us for another magical Soundbath Journey.


Cozy up on your mat into a state of deep relaxation while being bathed in therapeutic vibrations from alchemy crystal bowls, gongs and harps. These soothing sounds will take you into a deeply relaxed altered state of consciousness, where your busy mind will switch off and bliss fills the body.


Known to heal the nervous system, sound therapy is especially powerful in reducing sleep issues, stress, release anxiety, physical pains, aches and depression. Expect to leave in a state of deep conscious relaxation, feeling calm, balanced, and re-energized to take on a new week.


Bolsters and blankets will be provided for ultimate comfort.


Your instructor

Elizabeth Huxtable is a pioneer of sound healing in Malaysia, certified by the Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, USA. As a certified Sound Therapist with over 30 years experience, she specializes in treating adults with insomnia, stress, anxiety and emotional issues. Elizabeth’s crystal singing bowls are tuned to musical chords to create powerful blended sounds that induce altered states of consciousness in the listener, played alongside energy chimes, xylophones, crystal harps and gongs for a truly holistic sound healing journey


date & time.

Sunday, 24 April 2022 | 5:00 to 6:15pm



Stretch & Flow, Damansara Heights


your investment

RM120 + 6% sst