reformer 20 in 30 challenge

30 Sep - 29 Oct 2019

Feeling sluggish after all the public holidays and looking for a way to end the year feeling lean and strong? Our Reformer 20 in 30 Challenge will test your limits, strengthen your powerhouse core whilst toning & sculpting your muscles – all in just 30 days! Our classes are strong, athletic and will make you feel our signature sweat, burn & shake!


date & time

September 30 – October 29 2019



The Flow Studio – Bangsar



If you’ve purchased a double package, email to transfer 18 credits to your buddy.


Expect to feel stronger than ever before, sore in places you never new existed whilst build long lean muscle with no added bulk. You will feel a difference in yourself both physically and mentally while making some amazing like-minded friends along the way (just ask our 21 day challengers how much fun they had)! This challenge is NOT just about winning – it’s about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, committing towards self improvement, and seeing results! Each week will focus on a specific theme designed so you see progress over 30 days as your whole body becomes stronger, leaner & more flexible.


Get your blood pumping and show yourself what you’re made of! We can’t wait for you to SLAY this challenge! Limited to the first 20 clients only!

how it works

Challengers will receive 20 reformer classes to use within the 30 day period – you have the flexibility to self manage all classes (i.e. if you want to do 3 classes in week 1 and 5 classes in week 2, you are free to do so)! Because life is all about balance, you will also receive 5 FREE mat classes to stretch out those sore muscles. Remember, you can’t have strength without flexibility.


Receive 1 point per class you attend, 20 points (20 classes) to complete the challenge.