ready, set , flight – online workshop

9 May 2020

Did you know that mastering a solid crow pose is the key to unlocking all other arm balances in your yoga practice? Crow is usually one of the first arm balances you’re taught in yoga, but often there isn’t much time in a group class to break it down in a way that is accessible for all students. In this virtual workshop, you’ll learn solid foundations to achieve and advance your crow pose; allowing you (and your practice!) to take flight effortlessly!

You’ll walk away with: 

  • an intro flow incorporating key crow pose techniques 
  • strengthening drills specific to arm balances 
  • how to get in and out of the pose in an accessible manner
  • pose technique breakdown
  • how to gain more hang time
  • options to advance your crow into other poses

Come explore and have fun in a supportive virtual environment, with time to ask questions whilst troubleshooting your crow pose. These workshops will involve physical practice, drills and short discussions, with participants encouraged to interact and ask questions within the group.


date & time

9th May | 3:00 – 4:00 pm





your investment

RM35 + 6% tax