grow your flow – online

2 - 3 May 2020

Barbara will be breaking down foundational yoga poses such as:


Part I: Downward Dog, 3 Legged Dog, Plank, Upward Dog & Chaturanga

Part II: Crescent Lunge, Warrior I, II, III, Side Angle & Triangle Pose​


You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

– the key alignment points & muscular engagements required for foundational poses

– how to link the poses together in a sun salutation or vinyasa flow

– the common “do’s and dont’s”; and

– the ability to modify the practice to suit your individual body structure or build towards progression.


Come explore and have fun in a supportive virtual environment, with lots of time to ask questions whilst exploring alignment and modifications for your body! Expect to walk away feeling confident with the tools to grow your flow in a group class (and online!) environment safely. These workshops will involve physical practice, drills and short discussions, with participants encouraged to interact and ask questions within the group.


date & time.

Part I | Saturday, May 2nd | 10:00 – 11:00am
Part II | Sunday, May 3rd | 10:00 – 11:00am



online via Zoom


your investment

RM35 + 6% sst | per workshop