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flow foundations.

 A slow vinyasa flow that focuses on breaking down postures, emphasising form and alignment, providing options for every level of practitioner. Not just for beginners, this is perfect for experienced practitioners looking to refine your fundamental technique and take things back to basics.

chill flow.

Mindful. Fluid. Methodical

Not up for a a sweaty Dynamic Flow but don’t want to do a Yin class either? Chill Flow is the class for you. A slow vinyasa flow that focuses on form and alignment set to relaxed tunes, this is the ultimate feel good flow. Perfect for days when you want to move mindfully with your breath, conditioning your body at a slower pace encouraging resilience, discipline and mental focus. This class will provide you with the opportunity to refine your fundamental technique – a great option for beginners looking to take your practice to the next level.

dynamic flow.

Powerful. Energetic. Invigorating.

Dynamic Flow is a medium intensity class – building internal heat and strengthening your body whilst balancing the mind. Expect to get hot and sweaty as you flow through a powerful sequence linking breath to movement, to music that will get you moving and an ab session that’s guaranteed to hurt tomorrow. All Dynamic Flow classes provide you with the option for arm balances or inversions. Expect to get your heart rate up in this energising class, that will leave you feeling strong and rejuvenated.

dynamic flow+.

Challenging. Rejuvenating. Strong.

Taking things up a notch in Dynamic Flow+, a medium to high intensity class targeting physical strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. This class includes flow and strength content designed to challenge your limitations physically and mentally with a focus on building into more challenging asana. You will gain strength and body awareness, while having the opportunity to play with more complex transitions involving arm balances or inversions. While maintaining a clear focus on alignment and awareness of breath, these classes will increase your physical and mental discipline while building internal heat to detoxify your body and leave you feeling nourished, strong and energised.

core sculpt pilates.

“the art of contrology”

Step onto your mat and feel the fire in this strong core-focused class, that incorporates the use of hand weights to intensify your full body workout. Expect to feel the burn as you work through a flowing sequence of pilates exercises that builds intensity and heat to tone, sculpt and chisel your body from the inside out.

core flow.

``Fire up from within``

With flowing sequences, this class incorporates a series of more pilates-based exercises and core-strengthening transitions that target your abdominals, obliques, spine, and pelvic floor. Good to fire up your powerhouse from within, strengthen the lower back, work on your posture and tone your muscles. This is the perfect class to develop core strength for future arm balances and inversions.


Relaxing. Passive. Calm

The ultimate class for a balanced practice – Yin will nurture your mind and restore your body to a state of bliss. Ideal for runners, cyclists and anyone wanting to release tightness in their body, unwind and find release in long deep poses set down low on the mat designed to improve your flexibility and mobility. Expect to open your hips, lower back and spine while easing your mind from the stresses of daily life. Expect to leave with an open body, mind and heart.

reformer styles.

reformer align.

“Foundations for transformation”

A flowing full body reformer workout for those who prefer to work at a controlled pace – equal parts strength, mobility and flowing juicy movement. This class teaches a deep level of intricate muscle toning that establishes the foundation for your everyday health and fitness while improving posture, flexibility and mind-body connection. Expect to activate muscles you’ve never worked before while building a strong foundation in Pilates and refining your technique.

reformer dynamic.

“Define your core”

Our signature reformer class is an athletic, fast-paced and intense full-body workout that strengthens and tones the entire body. Expect 50 minutes of total body chiseling that will define your core while creating long lean muscle definition without the bulk. This class is ideal for those who enjoy working hard and feeling challenged!

reformer jumpboard.

“Cardio party time”

A high intensity class for those who love to get their cardio on! The jumpboard employs the principles of plyometrics to train coordination, strengthen muscles and burn calories. It’s great for athletes because it develops and strengthens the fast twitch muscles in the quadriceps without compression, helping to improve speed, agility and power. The jumpboard is a great alternative to traditional cardio, and is recommended for anyone looking to strengthen lower body joints, or just looking to get a killer fat-burning workout! Expect to elevate your heart rate and get sweaty through jump-board sequences that consistently challenge your core strength and stability while working the entire body.

abs, arms, ass.

“Abs, Arms, Ass - need we say more?”

Define your abs, chisel your arms and lift your booty. A workout like no other, focused on toning the Abs, Arms and Ass to sculpt your perfect figure. AAA will literally kick your butt through fluid juicy movements that activate an isolated slow burn and leave you wanting to come back for more. Expect to sweat, burn & shake.