kea l.

flowy, grounding, holistic
  • Yoga

Kea is a certified 500-hour Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher (RYT) graduate with the Akasha Yoga Academy in Bali. To her, yoga is not a workout but a work-in, it is not about the shape of our body but the shape of our lives, yoga being the gateway to intimacy with life itself.

Kea’s classes often comprise of pranayama (breathwork), working through a series of flows, from a gentle heart opening to focused balancing movements, she often emphasizes that yoga is like dancing with our breath, inviting intuitive moments to close our eyes and really tap into our inner silence, and may even slide in a sweet treat of meditation or yoga nidra towards the end of class.

The most important aspect of her practice is to return to stillness after jumping around the mat, to come home to who we truly are, and be able to take away these qualities of calm, abundance and spaciousness into our daily lives off the mat.