flow from home.

c/o aaron, barbara, dita, edward, jenifer, kea, sheriza, siu & shin-yee

Join our monthly subscription to gain access to our on-demand yoga (& pilates) library for less than RM6 per class!

Class styles include Chill Flow, Dynamic Flow, Core Flow, Flow Foundations, Yin, Rhythmic Flow, Dynamic Pilates, Abs Arms Ass, Burn & Sculpt and more to come!

You’ll also receive bonus content such as special guest instructors, tutorials, drills, breathwork and pose breakdowns.

date, time & location.

You will have access to replay the videos at any time so you can take it at your own pace or follow us along the daily journey!

RM199 / (+ 6% SST) per month 
*auto direct debit

your instructors.