reformer pilates teacher training

As Kuala Lumpur’s leading Pilates studio, The Flow Studio has developed the best and most comprehensive Reformer Pilates Teacher Training program. With experience in curating the largest teaching team in Malaysia since 2018, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in what it takes to become an outstanding world-class teacher and are now sharing this with you! ​

Rather than creating teachers who have memorized a series of textbooks, we believe in creating impactful teachers who can lead quality classes and make a difference in people’s lives. We have a pivotal focus on ensuring you practice teaching from your very first day in training to build confidence and find your own voice.   

why choose us.

This program not only provides you with in-depth knowledge of all things theoretical pilates, but more importantly, gives you the skills you need to become an exceptional teacher. At The Flow, we are firm believers of ensuring our graduates are job ready to feel confident in teaching Reformer Pilates – not just through memorising repertoire and anatomy, but through understanding the why’s and how’s of the practice.​

Understand the inner workings of anatomy, why something hurts and how you should approach it. Most importantly, gain the skills to articulate movements and sequences in a simple and relatable manner, so you can be an effective teacher whose clients keep coming back for more!

should I do a teacher training?

  • You love pilates so much you plan your days around your pilates classes 
  • You’ve been wondering what’s next and have been thinking about turning your pilates passion into a career
  • Pilates makes you happy, and you want to share that happiness with a like-minded community
  •  You are drawn to helping others through movement
  •  You’re intrigued by the body and want to understand how it works
  •  You want to take a step outside your comfort zone

our difference.

At The Flow Studio, our top priority is making sure you graduate from our Teacher Training program ready to teach world-class classes. You’ll not only graduate with a certificate showcasing your ability to teach the best classes – you’ll receive invaluable feedback from our training team to make sure you’re set up for success from day one.

Our course is comprehensive, covering all aspects of anatomy, programming, cueing, taught in a practical manner and supported by experienced lead trainers who are the best in the business. So, if you dream of teaching waitlisted classes and transforming the lives of your clients, know that you’ll be in the best hands with The Flow Studio’s Reformer Pilates Teacher Training course.


​To maintain the highest quality of experience, our training is conducted by our education team in-person. Applicants must undergo pre-requisite workshops and pass an assessment to ensure readiness and fit for the program.

This training is a small group learning environment of only 12 students.

Your training consists of 3 key elements:​​

  1. knowledge acquisition (your in-person course), ​
  2. skill development (25 hours of classes and 20 hours observations) and ​
  3. capability building (10 hours practice teaching plus assessment)​

The skill development and capability building portions of this course are to be completed in your own time.

Cohort A | Jan 2024

Cohort B | May 2024

pre-requisite workshops.​

Mandatory for those who intend to enrol in the training program. Workshops are also available for practitioners who do not plan to enrol in the full program. Click the button below to join individually.


Expect to learn everything you need to know to confidently teach effective classes. You will walk away with in depth theoretical and practical knowledge on: ​
  • How to set up equipment efficiently ​
  • How to execute a complete repertoire of exercises including start position, proper technique, form and movement
  • How to program an effective class tailored to your client's needs and goals in both a group and 1:1 setting
  • How to cue the repertoire using clear concise instructions your clients will easily understand
  • How to refine exercises to increase challenge for advanced clients
  • How to regress exercises to make them more achievable for beginners
  • How to modify exercises with an applied knowledge of biomechanics to accommodate injured clients
  • How to provide innovative and energetic group classes
  • How to clinically reason your program planning for private 1:1 sessions


Under no circumstances does payment ensure certification. All certifications are merit-based only and students must meet all requirements for graduation. We do not sell certifications.

A non-refundable deposit is required for registration. Full payment is required upon acceptance into the programme.

applications now open for 2024 intake

your teaching team.

With over 15 years of combined teaching experience, our teaching team is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to guide you towards becoming an exceptional teacher.​
Stott Certified Instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel​
Certified STOTT Injuries for Special Populations​
Xtend Barre Certified Instructor​
Yoga 200hr RYT Wanderlust​
Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
STOTT Certified instructor in Matwork, Reformer


am i suitable for this training course?

This course is suitable for:

– dedicated students seeking to deepen your practice, build strength and mind body connection

– aspiring teachers seeking confidence to discover your voice and kickstart your teaching career.

do i need to be an advanced practitioner to join?

You do not need to be able to perform advanced repertoire to enrol. If you have a passion for pilates, the desire to deepen your knowledge, and the commitment to learn, then you have everything you need to begin. 

what does the total cost include?

All training hours and course manuals

do i need to bring anything?

All props and materials are provided by The Flow Studio. You will need a notebook, pen, water bottle and sweat towel.

what if i miss a class?

You must attend all hours of this course to comply with the training course requirements. If you are unable to complete 100% attendance, you may complete any of your missed class(es) with mentoring hours at additional cost. Please contact us if you are unable to attend any specific days of your course.

how much time should i expect to spend on homework?

You may have light reading and/or homework which should take no longer than 1 hour per day.

what is the prerequisite examination?

The prerequisite examination ensures that you have the foundational knowledge of pilates and anatomy required to excel in the full Reformer Pilates Teacher Training course. This ensures our trainees have a solid base of knowledge for the course to proceed according to schedule. The passing mark is 70% and you are permitted one re-take of the exam should you not pass.


what are the requirements of this course?

Your training consists of three key elements. These are knowledge acquisition (your in-person training course), skill development (25 hours of classes and 20 hours observations) and capability and confidence building (15 hours practice teaching). The skill development and capability building portions of your course will be self managed in your own time and must be completed ahead of your final assessment.

how is the course structured?

Your training consists of three key elements. These are:

  • knowledge acquisition (your in person course),
  • skill development (25 hours of classes and 20 hours observations) and
  • capability building (10 hours practice teaching plus assessment).

The skill development and capability building portions of this course are to be completed in your own time and logged in your logbook.

what does the final assessment comprise of?

To officially become certified, you will be required to complete an exam consisting of two components, practical and theory. You will also be required to hand in your completed Pilates certification logbook evidencing your class attendance, observation and practice teaching hours at the time of your practical Pilates exam.

must i become a teacher after this course?

You do not necessarily have to have the goal of becoming a teacher, however our training is designed to provide all the hands-on practice, theoretical knowledge, and confidence you need should you choose to teach.

what type of certificate will i receive at the end of my program?

You will receive a letter of completion upon completion of the in person training course hours. Should you wish to be certified as a Reformer Pilates Teacher, you will be required to sit for a full Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Examination on August 12 – 13 (timing booked individually), or within 1 year of course completion.

Will my certification be recognised?

In short, yes. You will receive a full reformer pilates teacher training certification from The Flow Studio upon completion of all examination requirements.

There are not for profit organisations across the globe such as Pilates Method Alliance (USA) and Exercise Sports Science Australia. Membership in these organizations provide you access to a community with technical resources, training and networking opportunities in those countries. However, these organisations don’t govern the boutique fitness industry and you don’t need them to be employed. The pilates industry in Malaysia and many countries globally such as Australia and Singapore are self-regulated. There are no government accredited courses in Malaysia, and whilst there are internationally recognised schools, these do not provide any form of additional accreditation and isn’t needed for employment.

Industry recognition of your training course is ultimately what is required for you to gain employment in teaching, to get insurance and most importantly to be the inspiration that your clients need you to be. Industry recognition is based on the industry experience and reputation of your chosen school. Think of it as similar to obtaining a university degree from an international vs a local university – both internationally recognized degrees coming from different schools.

Becoming a Pilates teacher is an investment. Like any worthwhile endeavor, it requires hard work, intelligence, and passion. Take the time to do your research to ensure that your chosen teacher training program is delivering you a quality education – across curriculum, teaching experience and methodology. Teacher training programs that claim to certify you after a single weekend of training are not considered reputable.

is my certification guaranteed?

Under no circumstances does payment ensure certification.

All certifications are merit-based only and students must meet all requirements for graduation.

We do not sell certifications.