aligned x the flow studio 200 hr ytt.

December 2021 | January 2022

why aligned x flow.

The Aligned with Briohny foundational 200-hour teacher training program will advance your practice by cultivating strength, flexibility, and the mind-body connection. Our Vinyasa-based program is designed for serious students as well as aspiring teachers.


Together, you can expect to:


Understand muscular engagement and alignment to flow safely through a deeper practice


Delve into the architecture of asanas to connect anatomy with movement


Discover custom modifications for different bodies


Build confidence with multiple hands-on approaches


Acquire a practiced knowledge of cues and sequencing


Leave with all the skills you need to teach with confidence, or join us to simply discover yourself through a deeper practice and meet lifelong friends.

what our graduates have said

  • blessed to always have such a beautiful, professional and clean studio to enter into and have an amazing space for the YTT.


    i’ll be forever grateful and feel really blessed to have had such amazing and experienced instructors who are so 100% devoted to bringing out the best possible version of every student.

    2020 graduate
  • signing up for Aligned YTT was one of the best decisions I made for myself.


    my expectation from the training was to gain more understanding on the asanas to deepen my yoga practice but what I got out of the training was so much more than that.


    it was like a personal journey of self-discovery

    2020 graduate
  • the course is well structured, the teachers give honest and practical advice


    overall I am very satisfied and I would recommend aspiring yoga teachers to enrol in this program!

    sue jean
    2020 graduate


this program will be conducted in person at the flow studio. our staff and teaching team are fully vaccinated. all trainees must be fully vaccinated to participate.
module 1 – 100 hours

6 – 11 December 2021 | 9:30am – 5:30pm
13 – 18 December 2021 | 9:30am – 5:30pm


module 2 – 100 hours

10 – 15 Jan 2021 | 9:30am – 5:30pm
17 – 23 Jan 2021| 9:30am – 5:30pm


Join our training in December/ January to end and start the new year.


early bird | available till 31st october 2021

RM7,000 per individual module

RM13,000 for both modules]


regular price

RM8,000 per individual module

RM15,000 for both modules


non-refundable rm2500 deposit upon confirmation required and full balance by 31st october.

Once we have received your application we will contact you within 72 hours to  confirm your spot with the deposit.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon 🙂


The 200-hour Aligned with Briohny curriculum is composed of 4 key threads.

1.0 the practice.

daily practice.

Our daily practices focus on strong vinyasa flows to advance your practice from foundations towards arm balances and inversions. Heighten the mind-body connection, deepen the breath, and find balance between strength and flexibility. Expect to sweat profusely while cultivating a spirit of lighthearted play through pranayama, creative sequencing, arm balances, and inversions.

inversions & arm balance clinics.

Inversions and arm balances challenge us both physically and mentally. Build the tools from any level of practice to understand the journey towards these advanced postures. Learn interactive strength and flexibility exercises, partner inversion work, and independent wall and prop use. Cultivate confidence in guiding yourself and your future students into these postures through creative sequencing, safe spotting, hands-on adjustments, and efficient verbal cues.

adjustment clinics & practice teaching.

Create meaningful connections with your future students as you assist them deeper into their practice through safe spotting, hands-on adjustments, and efficient verbal cues. Learn the how-to of assisting different body types through different postures and keeping practitioners safe. Develop confidence as you practice teaching and assisting in a safe space, while being supported by various teachers.

2.0 the asana.

alignment & anatomy.

The yoga world is filled with alignment cues and belief systems which often contradict one another. In our asana and alignment lectures, dive deeply into individual postures, learn common misalignments, study the functions of the muscles, discuss key contraindications, and practice effective cueing.

We teach anatomy focused on functional biomechanics in relation to asanas and common misalignments. Grow a solid understanding of the human body to enhance your knowledge and teaching abilities. Learn anatomy in conjunction with alignment to help you teach your students how to flow safely.

assists & adjustments.

Adjustments are a valuable instrument of communication for teachers and a key way for students to learn correct engagement, yet many teachers fear providing adjustments. Gain knowledge and build confidence. Practice safe and effective assists, hands-on adjustments, modification tools tailored to different bodies, and injury prevention. Learn the right customizations to approach adjustments with knowledge and respect.



Practice many branches of modern Vinyasa-based flow, including peak pose sequencing, wave sequencing, and ladder flows. Learn a foundational sequence that is accessible, challenging, and easily tailored to different class lengths and levels. Expect daily sequencing lectures breaking down morning practices together in detail. Discuss sequence thinking and construction. Build creative modifications in your own voice as you gain teaching expertise. Practice teaching your own creative sequences.


practice teaching.

Practice teaching is a core part of our curriculum. Expect many hands-on opportunities to practice teach cues, sequencing, teaching aids, and adjustments with fellow trainees. Lead teachers will provide individualized feedback on regular assignments.

3.0 the mind.


Begin each day with group pranayama. Hone breathing techniques to energize the body while calming the mind. Practice awareness of the diaphragm and chest, learn to flood the body with oxygen, and work on tuning into the mind. So often we encounter people who have learned to harness the breathe incorrectly. Our roles as teachers are to re-educate, reduces stress, and create more freedom for all that we touch.



Learn meditation and mind-stilling techniques. Cultivate a twenty-minute, twice daily meditation practiceLearn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness and create a solid foundation to build your practice on. Cultivate a regular meditation practice which eventually leads to increased awareness, clarity, compassion, and a sense of calm.


contemplation through philosophy.

Apply the practices of contemplation to self-reflection and understanding the inner workings of the psyche. Practice methods of reshaping habitual behavior which no longer serve. Establish an equanimity of the mind to improve wellbeing.

Discover accessible ways to integrate tradition and philosophy into daily practical use. Learn methods of mindfully introducing concepts to your students. Live your dharma.

4.0 the business.

accelerating your career.

Yoga as a business and industry has grown exponentially over the past ten years. What was once an industry with limited outreach now has opportunities for yoga teachers to grow as entrepreneurs, clothing designers, management consultants, online personalities, healers, therapists, world travelers, and more. Gain a modern understanding of the global landscape. Explore the many avenues of opportunity. Clarify your passion, discover your path, and create a plan to do what you love and to love what you do.


branding your passion.

In this world of many voices, it is key to find your own. Learn the importance of branding and how to find your how, what, and why. Dedicated topics cover social media usage and statistics, finding your voice, content creation, branding your strengths, and organizational tools.

your teaching team.

Our teaching team have a have over 2000 hrs of teaching accreditation combined
and are fully trained in the Aligned with Briohny teaching methodology.
Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher

20H Yoga Anatomy
STOTT PILATES® Reformer & Mat
Assisting Teacher


Once we have received your application we will contact you within 72 hours to  confirm your spot with the deposit.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon 🙂