30 hour yin teacher training

July 2020

Yin Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most influential styles of yoga in the world.  A much-needed counterbalance to Power or Vinyasa styles, Yin exercises our body and mind through longer, passive postures that apply gentle stress to our joint tissues via bodyweight and gravity.


Yin anatomy combines Eastern and Western perspectives by highlighting the unique potential – rather than standardized “norms” — of our bodies.   This course empowers teachers to move beyond rote verbal cues and aesthetically “pretty” poses, by developing a sharper eye for different body types and a more spacious understanding of asana.   We will learn how to develop a meditative classroom space that coaxes students to see beyond their habitual distractions, where most suffering originates.  


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date & time.

July 25th to 28th | 9:30am – 6:00pm



The Flow Studio, Bangsar


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Early-bird RM3,000 + 6% sst

Full PRice RM3,200 + 6% sst


In this Foundational Course, you will learn:


Fundamental Yin Yoga Postures, Modifications, and Sequences

Functional Anatomy Focused on Skeletal Variations, Proportions, and Connective-Tissue Researc

How To Understand Bodies, Instead of Memorizing Poses

How To Integrate Mindfulness Into Asana and Meditation

How To Integrate a Yin Approach Into Yang-style classes

DAVID KIM (E-RYT500) is a U.S. based international Senior YogaWorks Teacher Trainer, who teaches both Yin and Vinyasa styles, and has led numerous 200- and 300-Hour Teacher Trainings, workshops and retreats across the globe.  David teaches Yin Yoga in the style of his pioneering mentors Paul & Suzee Grilley. His ongoing anatomy studies include cadaver dissections with fascia pioneers Gil Hedley & Tom Myers, and research updates at international Fascia conferences and functional-movement workshops.  David’s meditation practice is rooted in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.
David is a registered Continuing Education provider with Yoga Alliance (USA), and taking this course will allow you to receive 20, 30 or 50 Hours of Continuing Education credit with YA.