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21 day flow challenge.

17th June – 7th July 2019

Looking to deepen your practice physically and holistically in all aspects of yoga and strength, yin, meditation and philosophy? Join us on this 21 day challenge that will leave you feeling stronger and more rejuvenated in all aspects of yourself – body, mind and spirit. The perfect mid year reset, this challenge will give you the motivation you need to finish the year with determination, focus and a clutter free mind!

In addition to unlimited classes, challengers enjoy access to complimentary specialized workshops and the chance to win amazing prizes. Take the first step in committing towards your personal growth, and we’ll see you through the rest. Tailor your own development, the more classes you complete, the more points you get and the greater your chances to win!

This can be the start of a journey of self discovery and consistent practice, that will guide you towards achieving your goals and meeting a supportive group of like-minded, open-hearted yogis. If you’ve ever been on any team, you know how good this can feel!

Something will grow at the end of it all, and it will be you.


This challenge is suitable for all levels of practitioners, beginners to advanced!

class & bonus challenge points.

Throughout the challenge, you will accumulate points based on class attendance as follows:

1 point  – Chill Flow, Dynamic Flow
2 points – Core Flow, Core Sculpt Pilates
3 points – Yin, Flow Foundations
4 points – Workshops

Bonus Challenge

Extra 5 points per week upon completion:

Week 1: attend 4 days in a row
Week 2: attend 5 different instructors
Week 3: attend 5 different class types

prizes (most points wins!).

First prize: 3 month unlimited membership 

Second prize: Lululemon yoga outfit of your choice 

Third prize: 3 course express lunch for 2 at The Ruma Hotel


All challenge finishers will receive

  • Invitation to exclusive Lululemon VIP shop night (July 7th 6pm)
  • 10% off your next package
  • Lots of SURPRISES along the way!


Complimentary 90 min workshops for all challenge participants to take your progress even further

Saturday June 22nd 2 pm – Intention & Goal Setting
Sunday June 30th 4 pm – Arm Balances & Progressions
Saturday July 6th 2 pm – Inversion Play
Sunday July 7th 4 pm  – Yoga Philosophy

your investment.

Challengers with existing memberships or packages can be frozen or extended

Yin Soundbath

c/o Asako & Elizabeth Huxtable

If you’ve tried everything from yoga to meditation, white noise to essential oil diffusers and still find it a struggle to quiet the mind and have a dreamy night’s sleep, join us for an evening of Yin Soundbath. Immerse yourself in this journey to deep relaxation as we move through a sequence of deliciously calming yin postures sequenced to prepare your body and mind to relax and surrender, so that you are fully open to receive the benefits of soundbath.

With over 30 years experience in powerful sound healing, cozy up on your mat and journey into a state of deep relaxation while being bathed in vibrations Elizabeth plays on crystal singing bowls, xylophones and the crystal harp. Known to heal the nervous system, sound therapy is especially powerful in reducing sleep issues, depression, stress and anxiety. This combination of practices is the ideal recipe to reset your nervous system, release long-held tension and stress, and heal physically and emotionally. You will leave feeling calm, balanced and re-energized.

Date: Sunday, 26th May 2019

Session 1 – 130PM – 330PM

Session 2 – 4PM – 6PM – FULL

your teachers.

Elizabeth Huxtable is a certified sound therapist (Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute, USA) also trained in harmonic overtone singing in Australia. With over 30 years experience in powerful sound healing, what differentiates Elizabeth is her unique voice and specially tuned set of Alchemy crystal bowls tuned to musical chords to create powerful blended sounds that induce altered states of consciousness in the listener. She is also qualified in a range of complementary therapies including Reiki, EFT and Emotion Code, which she combines with sound therapy to provide healing based on individual needs.

Asako is an RYT500 yoga instructor, who began her practice 13 years ago. She discovered that yoga is not just about taking care of the body but is useful in taking awareness off the mat in everyday life.

In Yin yoga classes, she works on the energetic body in order for the Chi to flow unobstructed throughout the body.

your investment.

Flow Into Sunday Brunch

c/o Claudia Gallo

No better way to start your Sunday than an energizing Yin Yang Flow right into Sunday brunch, this April 28th at KL’s newest five star boutique hotel – The RuMa Hotel & Residences. Welcome a beautiful Sunday morning on the gorgeous deck of The RuMa’s infinity pool as our resident instructor, Claudia Gallo guides you through a rejuvenating Yin Yang Flow that will reconnect your body, mind and soul. We will begin with an energizing vinyasa flow to generate heat and awaken the body, followed by a short Yin practice that will allow us to relax and stretch into our deeper tissues. This session will also incorporate some partner stretches and fun postures to create a deeper connection with loved ones around us and learn to trust.

Following the hour-long nourishment of the soul, feed your body with a specially-curated healthy Sunday brunch buffet on the outdoor terrace by The RuMa’s signature ATAS restaurant.

Bring your mum along as a Mother’s Day treat or perhaps grab a girlfriend or two for a not-so-usual yoga & brunch do.

Either way, join us in ending your April on a high note!

PS: Parking is free!

Date: Sunday, 28th April 2019 9AM – 12PM

your investment.

Yogi Strength Program – Arm Balances & Inversions

with Eric Chung

“I’m not strong enough for that arm balance. I’ve tried over and over, and I just can’t do an inversion.” Is this what goes through your mind every time your yoga teacher provides an option for flight in class?

Join international flight school coach Eric for a results based course that will have you on your hands in 5 weeks! This program is specifically designed to enhance strength, conditioning and technique – ensuring you see results and are no longer left feeling frustrated in your yoga classes. You will learn how to activate the right muscles through foundational techniques, build strength to effortlessly take flight and accelerate the progression of your asana practice. This is a small group program limited to 15 people so you receive individual attention, covering:

Bent Arm Balances: Crow, Side Crow, EPK 1/2, Chin Stand and 8 Angle Pose
Forearm Balance & variations (including scorpion & hollowback)
Headstand: Forearm and Tripod
How to fall safely with confidence

Every Tuesday 8pm – 930pm (March 12, March 19, March 26, Apr 2, Apr 9)
Every Sunday 230pm – 4pm (March 17, March 24, March 31, Apr 7, Apr 14)

your teacher.

Eric is a yoga, calisthenics and hand balancing coach based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been successfully coaching yogis to take flight through a results based program with great success achieved over the past several years. Combining his in depth understanding of multiple movement disciplines, he is able to harness his knowledge of strengthening the body and accurate muscle engagement to incorporate arm balances/inversions within the yoga practice. He has an infectious laugh too so be prepared to be pushed to your limits while still having fun!

your investment.

rm800 for 10x 90 min small group sessions

masterclass weekend

with Dice Lida-Klein

I love yoga, and I love yoga-ing. One of my favorite teachers said it best—”Yoga can be a noun, and it can also be a verb.” My journey courses with inspiring ups and transforming downs. There are so many paths, and I know my path is only one of many, full of ideals and practices inspired by others. We live a life capable of being inspired, passionate, let down, spiteful, angry, sad, and best of all…happy. You get the idea. We live in dualities and variations of polarities. We aim for balance, for our neutral, aware that there are many different truths to finding neutral. There are many truths, period.

I was fortunate enough to become a student of yoga in 2007. To be able to share my passion for yoga through teaching has been one of my life’s greatest gifts. It inspires change and growth in my life daily. Yoga allows me to meet a vast and diverse group of people all connected by one great love for yoga & movement. It seems to me that however you get in the door…meditation, Pranayama, Ashtanga, Iyengar, arm balances and inversions, backbends, hip openings, rehabilitation, anatomy, philosophy, subtle body, meridians, chakras, feeling healthy, looking good, vinyasa flow, hot yoga—the list goes on and on—all are a great start to examining your life from a different perspective. Yoga asks us to look into the darker corners of our mind, and it helps us to see the light as well. I am on a constant search to learn more from others so that I may learn more about myself. I can only hope to inspire others like my family, friends and teachers continue to inspire me.

your investment.

Early Bird till January 15th (limited to first 30 spots)

full weekend
All 5 workshops with Dice Lida-Klein

your workshops

riding the waves.
Friday 22 February, 6:00 - 8:30pm
Sometimes our emotions can take us deeper and higher than our bodies could ever hope to – for better or for worse! It is important to learn how to ride the waves of our emotions rather than sink beneath their overwhelming power. This lesson benefits us both on and off the yoga mat. We bury many complicated emotions in our second chakra, so be prepared to start digging down deep! In this class we will experience a variation of hip openers, inviting those hidden sentiments to come into the light. Breaking down will actually build us up! Be prepared to find your emotional (arm) balance as these hip openers steer us into a world of hip-focused arm balances. Open to all levels of athletic practitioners.
child's play.
Saturday 23 February, 10:00am - 1:00pm
Children explore their world with little hesitation and fear. This is why children can excel at anything if they truly put their mind to it. Can you remember what it was like to be a fearless child? In this practice we revisit our childish ways and get onto our hands, playing upside down in inversions and defying gravity with various arm balances. Expect to challenge your adult mind and channel your inner child, falling down and getting back up. Open to all levels of athletic practitioners.
the abc's of the inverted yoga practice.
Saturday 23 February, 2:30 - 5:30pm
The extraordinary artist M. C. Escher once asked, “Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?” He loved to break boundaries and play with the space around him. This class offers you a similar invitation. Handstand, headstand, and various arm balances urge us to look at the world from a different angle. In this class, we will incorporate strong standing postures, variations from the floor to the sky, and the transitions that occur in between. We will also explore the great mystery of the core center and the bandhas – the most important tools to help you get upside down. Prepare to sweat, laugh, and leave it all on your mat.
the art of backbending - spinal extension vs spinal compression.
Sunday 24 February, 930am - 1230pm
The backbend communicates one of the deepest, most beautiful expressions of an open heart and mind within the yoga practice. Backbends are a paradox of constant oscillation and steady harmony. Because of their complexity, they can easily be misunderstood and poorly executed. In this workshop, we will discover how to achieve health and longevity for the spine through extension versus compression. Practicing basic backbends like upward facing dog and upward facing bow directs our pathway toward more advanced backbends like handstand/forearm balance, scorpion, and hollowback. Expect to open and strengthen your upper back, shoulders, side body, and thoracic and lumbar spine. This class is for all levels!
bryce yoga signature inverted flow.
Sunday 24 February, 2pm - 430pm
Variations of moving meditation characterize all forms of the asana practice. The rhythm of our breath is deeply connected to the movement of our bodies, encouraging us to practice living in the present moment and freeing us from distractions of the past and future. Join Dice in this strenuous, yet enjoyable flow class. You will use the unity of your breath, mind, and body to guide you through surya namaskars, strong standing postures, arm balances and inversions, backbends, twists, and seated folds. Come ready to learn, sweat and enjoy the great adventure of your practice. All levels are welcome!

Sunset Chill Flow + Live Music.

with Claudia Gallo, Hannah Lo & Ray Cheong

Taking The Flow’s studio signature “Chill Flow” to a whole new level, experience this magical sunset yoga session led by resident yoga instructor Claudia Gallo, accompanied by meditative acoustic music performed live by the inspiring multifaceted, wellness guru Hannah Lo and the talented singer/songwriter & one of Malaysia’s best guitarists Ray Cheong. Together they’ll create a spiritual, well-balanced uplifting yet grounding practice to journey towards for all yoga enthusiasts.

Ray has accompanied and opened for notable artists in concerts in Southeast Asia & Europe.

In 2016 Ray teamed up with Spiritual Songstress Hannah Lo to explore a new genre of music. Together they perform what some have described as “healing, heart-centered music that helps you reconnect with your soul.” Hannah is known for bringing her unique magic to the stage by enchanting audiences with mystical, soul stirring music and mantras.

Each of Claudia’s classes and events reflect the love and passion she has for the practice and she is able to transmit that and touch the practitioner’s hearts to look within.

She pays special attention to proper alignment and her cues are clear for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Claudia will always make you feel comfortable and at ease with her down to earth personality. Her classes flow with grace and her voice brings you to places deep within.

Get ready to discover where the mind and body can take you as we build flexibility, strength, and balance inward and out, reconnect to your heart spaces and become an observer of your own self.

All level are welcome, class suitable for complete beginners

Venue: APW      Date: Sunday 24th Feb 2019    Time:  5:30pm

yoga alignment workshop.

with Barbara Bogos

Whether you’re a total newbie or a veteran yogi looking to refine your practice, this Yoga Alignment workshop is for you. This workshop is designed to create an injury-free, long term yoga practice that starts with proper alignment techniques. Once we understand the basic structure and mechanics of the human body, yoga poses become a lot more efficient.
Barbara will be covering the foundational poses of the yoga practice in detail (These poses aren’t necessarily easy or simple, but they are the key to unlocking all other poses), breaking down key poses, exploring alignment and modifications for your body that will leave you feeling confident to grow your flow in a regular class environment.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A clearer understanding of foundational yoga poses
  • Knowledge of the key alignment points for regularly taught poses
  • Confidence to flow through a dynamic flow class comfortable
  • The ability to modify the practice to suit your body’s structure

This workshop will incorporate theory and discussion, learning about basic anatomy followed by a practice implementing what we have just learned. This workshop is fantastic for those who have never tried yoga before, or those wishing to deepen their knowledge of alignment and modifications for individual body types.
The group is limited to 15 people so that you will have more interactive time and attention with the instructor. We’ll have plenty of time for questions and even more time for fun! Come and meet new people, explore the practice of yoga all in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

Date: Saturday 26th Jan 2018

Time:  200pm to 4:45 pm

your teacher.

Barbara, hailing from Hungary has been living in China, Thailand and Malaysia for the past 12 years . Initially, her yoga practice was only an escape from the hectic urban Shanghai life, but gradually it became a full time passion.

She has studied from highly respected teachers originating from China, United States, India, New Zealand, while being exposed to a mixture of styles and how to incorporate philosophy into the practice.
Her interest in eastern studies, religions and ancient sciences are all part of her daily self-practice.

She believes that yoga can be done by anyone free of judgment and preconceptions; all we need is an open heart and mind, the rest will arise naturally.

your investment.

RM120 (members*) / RM140 (non members)

To save a spot please make full payment to the account below and send the
confirmation slip to: Payments@theflowstudio.co
If you don’t have an account with us please sign up at: www.theflowstudio.co

Project Studio Sdn Bhd
5142 7163 3747

sore to the core.

with Siu Lim

SORE TO THE CORE  In collaboration with Kens Apothecary, join Siu Lim at 1:45pm and 3pm on Dec 15th for a special pre-holiday power pilates workout incorporating core strengthening exercises that target your abs, obliques, and most importantly, your pelvic floor to activate your deep inner abdominals. All participants receive a gift bag with REN Skincare goodies worth RM180 including a deluxe sized Morrocan Rose Body Lotion!

Treat yourself this Christmas, you deserve it.

Incorporating the use of hand weights and the magic circle, you’ll experience our signature Flow Pilates sweat, burn and shake. Walk out feeling invigorated and strong, with improved core strength, stamina and balance of body and mind. This class will be fun and challenging, with Siu providing options for all levels – beginner to advanced. Bookings via link in bio.

Date: Saturday 15th December 2018

Session 1:  1:45pm to 2:45pm

Session 2: 3:00pm to 4:00pm

your investment.

RM55 (members*) / RM65 (non members)

masterclass weekend.

with William Wong

William Wong is a senior instructor visiting us from Humming Puppy Melbourne. Will believes in forever being a student of the practice with over 500 hours under his belt, trained by Power Living Australia, Dice Iida Klein & Briohny Smith, Laughing Lotus NYC, Yin Therapy in the lineage of Paul Grilley and advanced traditional chinese medicine.

His classes work on building strength, mobility and awareness of the physical body, but also developing mental resilience by promoting self-inquiry and becoming more conscious of the internal dialogue and the conditionings of the mind. He enjoys using a combination of Yoga poses, breathing techniques, Qi Gong and meditation to cultivate presence and focus, whilst creating healthy minds and bodies.

Will teaches from a place of love and compassion and truly believes in the healing and transformative powers of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. He enjoys supporting others along their respective journeys and empowering them to follow their heart and stay true to their path. For him, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing people grow, evolve and realise that they have the power to change their own life and create their own destiny.

your investment.

RM120 (members*) / RM140 (non members) per masterclass

your masterclasses

flow strong.
Saturday 24th November, 3:30 - 5:00pm
Join Will for a strong and sweaty vinyasa flow practice that builds strength, creates flexibility and inspires play in the body and mind.

Learn to glide through your practice with options for arm balances and inversions provided throughout the class, focusing on integrating these within your flow.

This will be an intermediate vinyasa flow masterclass that will invigorate your energy as well as challenge your mind, bringing focus to creative transitions that will change the way you look at your day to day practice.

fly strong.
Sunday 25th November, 10:30 - 12:30pm
In this 2 hour workshop we’ll investigate the aspects that allow us to take flight in a multitude of different arm balances. We’ll investigate how the hands, wrists, shoulders and core all play their role in the poses.

From baby crow to flying pigeon and side crow to eight angle pose, you’ll strengthen and integrate through an intelligent flow of foundational poses to build up the awareness needed to take flight and incorporate transitions between arm balances within your practice.

Variations will be given for beginners to seasoned arm-balancers alike.

melt away.
Sunday 25th November, 4:00 - 6:00pm
Embark upon a rejuvenating journey through the senses as we exit the fast lane and slide into 90 minutes of deep restoration. We will spend the first 30 mins learning about various essential oil blends and how they help with relieving stress, energising the body and focusing the mind. You will then be guided through a sequence of deliciously deep yin postures opening up the hips and heart, paired with soothing sensations of a deep crystal singing bowl sound bath. You will leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated for the week through this multi-sensory restorative experience, savouring sound and smell as you melt away all stress and tension stored in your body. All participants will leave with your very own customised Doterra essential oil mist spray & scented eye mask.

yin soundbath.

with Claudia & Sari

Yin Yoga Class + Sound Bath Is back!

This will be a very special 90 mins Yin Yoga class lead by Claudia in which we will have Sari playing her Crystal Bowls to let the sounds resonate with the practice, making it a very powerful and relaxing healing session.

If you’ve tried everything from yoga to meditation, white noise to diffusers and still find it a struggle to quiet the mind and have a dreamy night’s sleep, join us for an evening of Yin Soundbath. Immerse yourself in this journey to deep relaxation as we move through a sequence of deliciously calming yin postures paired with vibrations from live crystal sound bowls.

Cozy up on your mat while being bathed in vibrations that offer deep relaxation and healing of the nervous system, known to decrease stress and anxiety. You will leave feeling calm, balanced and re-energized.

Date: Saturday, 29th September – 5:00PM to 6:00PM

your teacher.

Claudia, originally from San Jos in Costa Rica, has spent the last ten years travelling and working around the world. After four years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has now become her second home. She is the resident yoga instructor at The Flow Yoga & Pilates.

Her events, workshops and retreats reflect the love and passion she has for the practice and Claudia is able to transmit that and touch the practitioner’s hearts to look within.

Sari is a Tokyo native, now residing in KL with her family. She learnt crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes from Jun Makino, who is the first authorized master alchemist in Japan recognized by crystal tones America.

She has been offering alchemy crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes sessions and healing since 2015, and runs a sound healing salon HIBIKI at Arcoris Mont Kiara in April 2018.

your investment.

RM80 per person (The Flow members)

RM90 per person (Non-members)


with Emily Torockio

Flow through your woes at kyō this public holiday eve! The party kicks off with a sweat drippin’ beat droppin’ vinyasa flow yoga class set to the sickest tunes by guest instructor, Emily Torockio from Y7 Studio – LA & NYC’s leading hip-hop yoga studio. She’ll have you going from 0 to 100 real quick! After her candle LIT yoga session, the party continues upstairs at Ren, where the Vinyasa flow turns to getting low on the danceflo’. You’ll be singing, “started from the bottom, now we here!”

Sign up now for your chance to experience the original hip hop yoga. Spaces are strictly limited!

Date: Sunday, 9th September 2018 : 8PM – 9PM
After-party from 9PM onwards

Dress Code: Yoga Swag

Bring your own towels and water bottles, yoga mats will be provided by lululemon

your teacher.

Emily Torockio is a yoga and movement teacher in New York City. You can mostly find her teaching sweaty, flowy, music-driven vinyasa classes at Y7 Studio, or educating new yoga teachers around the world at teacher trainings. Her intention is to share a practice that has given her so much — an understanding and compassionate relationship with her body, a love for movement, and a deep sense of peace.

In addition to teaching group classes, Emily works as a teacher mentor with Y7, taking classes and giving one-on-one feedback to ensure the quality of teaching across the brand. She has spearheaded the scouting, hiring, and training of a crop of teachers for new Y7 studios in Portland, Oregon. She has assisted the Bryce Yoga 200 and 300hr trainings with Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida Klein, and served as the lead meditation and asana trainer for over 250 students through Breathe for Change, a yoga teacher certification program designed for educators.

Emily feels blessed to have studied with and learned from many great teachers, including Stefanie Eris, Isaac Pena, Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein, Mathieu Boldron, and Cameron Shayne, and she is committed to forever being a student, wide-eyed and curious about the things outside of us and the infinite space within.

your investment.

RM99 per person, includes a welcome drink from rawsome and a complimentary yoga class at The Flow Studio.

Elevate your practice

with Daniela Agnoletti.

A series of four weekend workshops (2.5 hrs each) that will give you the skills and techniques you need to take your practice to the next level. This will be a small group workshop limited to 15 persons, so you receive the attention and adjustments your body needs to progress.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced yogi, Daniela will guide you through intelligent tips and tricks to safely work towards more advanced postures that will challenge you both physically and mentally. Expect to leave with a deeper understanding of your body and a practice that will change forever.

your teacher.

Daniela was born and raised in Vienna where she was exposed to classical music and dance from an early age. She began practicing yoga daily over 20 years ago after the birth of her third son. Influenced greatly by many pioneers of yoga such as John Scott, Simon Borg-Oliver, and Edward Clarke with whom she completed her 500 hrs TTC in 2009, Dani has been teaching yoga for the past 13 years and is renowned as one of KL’s most well respected teachers.

Although she is based in KL, Daniela continues to travel the world studying with various ashtanga masters. She is currently learning Ashtanga’s Advanced A Series.

your investment.

RM140 per workshop (Members: RM120)
RM400 for full program

your workshops

free the hips.
Saturday 1st September, 3:00 - 5:30pm
This workshop is dedicated to exploring and opening the hip joint.

We learn to create space in our hip joint by increasing the flexibility of the many ligaments attached at and around the hip. We will focus on opening the hip with dynamic stretches, long yin holds and static yang holds.

We will playfully explore Padmasana (Lotus Pose) Variations, Leg behind the head postures, splits (Hanumanasana) and pigeon variations.

mind the shoulders.
Saturday 8th September, 3:00 - 5:30pm
The shoulder joint is often the most neglected joint during your yoga practice. Moving your arms without effort and thought is taken for granted. Understand how good shoulder movement provides freedom in backbends, twists, inversions and binds.

We will we begin with a few isolated shoulder movements and shoulder strengthening exercises followed by stretching muscles around the shoulder including the chest, upper back and arms. Then prepare to sweat as we progress to a fun flow class with a variety of binds, backbends and inversions (Garudasana variations, Marichiasanas, Pinchas and many more).

bend dont break.
Saturday 15th September, 3:00 - 5:30pm
The workshop is designed to make you feel at ease during backbending postures.

Gaining suppleness and elasticity in your spine through deep breathing, opening the chest and shoulders, release of the lumbar spine as well as the sacroilliac joint.

We will find depth in deep low lunges, pincha variations and play in wheel variations. Relax, trust and open your heart.

the inverted life.
Saturday 15th September, 3:00 - 5:30pm
Turning upside down is exciting but can also trigger fear and anxiety.

This workshop will focus on safe techniques to approach headstands, handstands, pincha mayurasana, asymmetrical (funky) inversions and arm balances. We also explore skills to overcome any fear or anxiety you may face, allowing you to unlock flight in your practice.