licia e.

kind, energetic, encouraging
  • Pilates

Previously an accountant, Licia’s experience with Reformer Pilates ignited a profound passion within her when she was still a yoga instructor. It all started with a strong instinct that directed her into yoga. It was all about restorative yoga, quietness, the space in her thoughts and her deep believe in pranayama.

She was then amazed by the incredible benefits and effectiveness Reformer Pilates has to her whole being, especially the transformative changes in her body and strengthening of her core. Driven by her desire to share this empowering practice with others, Licia embarked on a journey of learning and growth and immersed herself in STOTT Reformer Pilates Training, honing her skills and expertise to become the exceptional instructor she is today.

Join her now and let her passion and expertise elevate your reformer pilates practice to new heights!