davesh s.

down-to-earth & down-to-boogie in between some downward dogs!
  • Yoga

Born and raised in the USA, Davesh has lived in Malaysia for the past 3 years. With years of experience in a stressful corporate banking career, he turned to yoga to help him decompress mentally whilst enjoying the physical benefits of a regular practice from the loosening of his belt loops. 

He firmly believes that in addition to the physical asana, breathwork and meditation helps everyone become more compassionate in their relationships, grounded with their presence in day-to-day life and engaged in their careers.

He is passionate about keeping this ancient practice alive by giving it a fresh perspective and more relatable context in today’s highly-strung environment. Skilfully weaving sprinkles of mindfulness throughout his classes, Davesh’s soothing voice will leave you feeling like years of stress and tension have melted off your shoulders.