Teacher - Aaron

aaron c.

grounding, nourishing, calming
  • Yoga

Aaron started dancing in 2008 and has since been dancing his way through life. Due to the rigorous training he had been through, he gained a few injuries which made him stop dancing for two years. He had developed a minor slip disc which later resulted in sciatica pain which made him immobilize. In hopes of recovering, he found himself drawn towards Pilates & Yoga. It wasn’t easy at first, but over time his condition got better and now he is back into teaching & performing. Seeing the benefits of Yoga, he decided to undergo a Teacher Training Course with Inspired Yoga Studio in 2018.

He believes that in Yoga, it is not only a matter of physical conditioning but it also trains the mind to cultivate awareness through movement. This helped him when he was battling through depression. To be able to see your thoughts and acknowledge the reality that he was going through, brought clarity to his life and made the necessary changes he needed to his well-being.

What he hopes to achieve through his practice is to share his knowledge of moving in a safe manner and to inspire the people around him that rainy days will not stay, the sun will shine again.