our teachers.

Our teachers are carefully selected and internationally certified to deliver the highest quality classes through the use of intelligent cueing, creative sequencing and subtle hands on adjustments to safely take your practice to the next level.

shinyee l.

Shinyee came from an athletic background and enjoys extreme sports. She found Yoga in her student days and never stopped practising since. A marketing graduate, Shinyee left her desk job in 2016 to pursue teaching Yoga and eventually found Pilates as well. Shinyee is a graduate of Yoga Mala (CBD, Singapore) in Hatha Vinyasa, Yoga Alliance accredited, Yoga Medicine certified in Yoga Anatomy and trained in Stott Pilates (Reformer and Mat).

Shinyee teaches in a dynamic manner and prioritises effort and understanding, rather than perfection. Shinyee hopes to have her students leave the class with a sense of clarity and feeling challenged in a joyful, peaceful manner.

Her favourite kind of physical practice is one that flows rhythmically, intuitively and challenges the limitations of oneself. She believes that moving and breathing is a way of knowing yourself and progress is to be better than you used to be.


aaron c.

fun, simple, yet challenging

Aaron started dancing in 2008 and has since been dancing his way through life. Due to the rigorous training he had been through, he gained a few injuries which made him stop dancing for two years. He had developed a minor slip disc which later resulted in sciatica pain which made him immobilize. In hopes of recovering, he found himself drawn towards Pilates & Yoga. It wasn’t easy at first, but over time his condition got better and now he is back into teaching & performing. Seeing the benefits of Yoga, he decided to undergo a Teacher Training Course with Inspired Yoga Studio in 2018.

He believes that in Yoga, it is not only a matter of physical conditioning but it also trains the mind to cultivate awareness through movement. This helped him when he was battling through depression. To be able to see your thoughts and acknowledge the reality that he was going through, brought clarity to his life and made the necessary changes he needed to his well-being.

What he hopes to achieve through his practice is to share his knowledge of moving in a safe manner and to inspire the people around him that rainy days will not stay, the sun will shine again.

barbara b.

Barbara, hailing from Hungary has been living in China, Thailand and Malaysia for the past 12 years . Initially, her yoga practice was only an escape from the hectic urban Shanghai life, but gradually it became a full time passion.

She has studied from highly respected teachers originating from China, United States, India, New Zealand, while being exposed to a mixture of styles and how to incorporate philosophy into the practice.
Her interest in eastern studies, religions and ancient sciences are all part of her daily self-practice.

She believes that yoga can be done by anyone free of judgment and preconceptions; all we need is an open heart and mind, the rest will arise naturally.

edward c.

Edward, RYT 200 (Inspired Yoga), began practicing yoga in 2017 and immediately fell in love. On the mat, Edward aims to inspire others in staying committed to long-term health and fitness goals, understanding that the beauty of yoga lies within the potential and self-motivation he aims to bring out in each of his students. He is known for his dynamic, creative, and interesting flows and sequences.

He is influenced by the unique sense of empowerment that he aims to bring into each class. He believes that what truly matters is to be present and to feel comfortable in one’s own skin, with a priority on mental health as well as physical health. For him, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing his students find the power in yoga to change their lives, be it mentally, physically, or spiritually.

julee y.

A lover of all things yoga and movement, Julee has over 13 years of teaching experience having taught in the UK since 2007.

Trained by a pioneer in the global vinyasa world – Shiva Rea, in addition to mentoring teachers under Simon Park, Julee brings us a wealth of knowledge, leading her own teacher trainings and workshops across Europe.

Her preferred style of teaching is dynamic & focused, immersing deeply with the breath. Julee’s classes are strong but lighthearted and there is always the invitation to play.

dita g.

practical, amiable, part-time introvert

Dita is a certified 200-hr and Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher and Forrest Yoga Bodywork practitioner.
Her class always starts with breathing exercise and abdominal sequence before moving to the flow.
There are days when she will make you hold poses so you can observe the physical and mental work as you work with your breath.
She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.

kea l.

Kea is a certified 500-hour Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher (RYT) graduate with the Akasha Yoga Academy in Bali. To her, yoga is not a workout but a work-in, it is not about the shape of our body but the shape of our lives, yoga being the gateway to intimacy with life itself.

Kea’s classes often comprise of pranayama (breathwork), working through a series of flows, from a gentle heart opening to focused balancing movements, she often emphasizes that yoga is like dancing with our breath, inviting intuitive moments to close our eyes and really tap into our inner silence, and may even slide in a sweet treat of meditation or yoga nidra towards the end of class. The most important aspect of her practice is to return to stillness after jumping around the mat, to come home to who we truly are, and be able to take away these qualities of calm, abundance and spaciousness into our daily lives off the mat.


nicola l.

Nicola has been an avid practitioner of yoga since 2014 – leaning towards Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles.
When not being followed around by her two ginger cats, she’s spinning on her indoor bike or zenning out on her mat. She strongly believes that the practice can be a form of moving meditation to provide relief from daily stressors.
Her classes are dynamic and energetic – sprinkled with humour and encouragement as you work up a sweat with her. She celebrates imperfections and aims to make the world a happier place one asana at a time.

najihah a.

Moving to a new city alone for work, Najihah found comfort in yoga and pilates as a way to create healthy work-life balance in Boston.

She is a certified Yoga Sculpt and Aligned 300 hour yoga instructor with a strong passion for creating effective workouts for every “body”. Her style of teaching is heavily influenced by her biomedical background – she loves geeking out over anatomy and aims to help students understand more about their unique human body with each practice.

Now back in KL, her goal is to empower and inspire every student to fall in love with movement both on and off the mat!


janine h.

fun. challenging, structured.

Janine is a fitness enthusiast with interests in Pilates, Yoga, hiking, running, and HIIT. She left her corporate banking job in 2015 to teach Yoga and has not looked back since.

In 2016, she took up instructor training with Polestar Pilates (USA) after attending a Dynamic Reformer class she thoroughly enjoyed. Janine hopes to motivate her students to go the extra mile in class and out of class. Expect a fun and challenging class with her while working on your core connection.

siu l.

Siu Lim instantly fell in love with pilates when she was first introduced to it 10 years ago.

After having four kids, she found pilates helped her regain and maintain her strength, improved her posture, and developed body-awareness.

She loves sharing her passion for pilates with her clients whether their goals are to lose weight, improve posture, tone up, or just feel great about themselves.

carina c.

strong, fun, energetic.

After graduating from Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia majoring in contemporary dance, I became a certified Stott Pilates and Xtend Barre instructor and have taught in various studios and gyms in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Cairns and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I also practiced Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga under Mark Togni, Michelle Cassidy and Nicky Knoff before completing my 200 hr TTC with Joan Hyman from Wanderlust Hollywood in 2017. I moved back to KL after having my son and became interested in teaching pre and postnatal yoga and pilates, working with new mummies and mummies to be. Coming from a ballet background,

I have always wanted to know how to move better – with freedom, ease and grace and I try to bring that into my classes. With over 10 years teaching experience, I seek to bring more light and awareness to my students so they can be more strong and flexible, achieving their personal goals.

suzi s.

Suzi’s background was in Branding & Communications and had always kept her interest in all things in the the realm of movement extremely close including obtaining a teaching certificate in Xtend Barre in 2015.

She believes that having the body constantly engaged in and through movement be it Yoga, HIIT, Xtend Barre, Pilates, Kickboxing, running and cycling not only keeps the mind and body in constant shape but it helps to sustain an overall long term health goal.

She identified Pilates as a must to have in life after the birth of her daughter and has not looked back since and pursued training and certification with Balanced Body, Singapore.

Since then it has been her goal to have her clients reap the benefits and rewards of all things Pilates from improving form, gain strength and flexibility to developing a further understanding of body awareness.

jo l.

Jo has incorporated fitness into his lifestyle for over 10 years. While it was initially just an escape from the daily grind, he eventually developed a passion for it – with focus on strength training, boxing and HIIT. Jo attended his first reformer pilates class in 2019 and very quickly saw the potential of reformer pilates being an effective complement to his strength training regime, promoting uniform muscle development which is highly relevant to men whose injuries typically occur due to imbalances in major muscle groups.

He has since obtained certification with Stott Pilates and hopes to encourage more men, like him, to enjoy the benefits reformer pilates through increased core strength, range of motion, balance, flexibility and efficient movement patterns.

pris y.

Pris has incorporated fitness into her lifestyle for the past 8 years, starting out as a CrossFit athlete then venturing into indoor rhythmic spinning as she enjoyed the fast paced adrenaline rush it brought her.

She stumbled into a reformer pilates class along her search for a more mindful form of exercise and quickly realized how it not only strengthened her performance in all other forms of fitness, but also balanced out neglected smaller muscle weaknesses from years of high intensity training.

Wanting to educate and share its benefits with the broader community, she pursued a certification with STOTTS Pilates and the rest is history. Outside the reformer studio, Pris is also a Head Spin Instructor. Expect her to inject some beat pumping cardio fun into her pilates classes!

joanna k.

From her early days with ballet and gymnastics, Joanna was first drawn to pilates in high school after experiencing the benefits it brought to her dance techniques. 
A dance-artist educator with two dance degrees and a certified BASI Pilates instructor, she has since taught in California, Sabah and Kuala Lumpur for over 10 years.

Joanna is a lifelong-learner and will challenge you to go beyond what’s familiar. She loves celebrating the eureka moments in class, reminding you that every step in your movement journey is significant and valuable.